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Sourcing Made Easy: 1st Virtual Fabric Show 


The Fabric Studio has provided fabric sourcing to their clients for the past 5 years, and have worked in the fashion industry for the past 20 years. They prided themselves to simplify the process of fabric sourcing to their clients by providing consulting services with a large scale of vendors. They understand the needs of the designer and inventors, as well as the fashion industry expectations. 

 The Fabric Studio have sourced all kinds of fabrics for all kinds of projects. They have had clients needing compression fabric for underwear, waterproof fabrics for breastfeeding pads, tire look and feel fabric for folder covers, etc. They have gone through the fashion process many times and know that, one of the most challenging steps is sourcing the right fabrics and materials for your project. They have been to every fabric show out there and they know how overwhelming they can become. It is not an easy process. Going  from determining what materials to use to finding the right provider might even be  a little scary. But do not worry, they have figured it out the process and they will share it at this fabric/sourcing virtual show. They will share the best and most used providers.  They will  teach you about all kinds of fabrics out there including functional fabrics and you will be able to meet providers for each kind of materials and trims. 

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The Fabric Studio Logo mini.png

Sourcing your fabrics and materials from the comfort on your own home or studio.

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